We would like to inform you that Recipo Ekonomisk förening will transfer its operating activities in Sweden to another legal entity. This means that Recipo Ekonomisk förening will transfer its operations to Recipo AB from 1st of September 2022.

This change does not affect any collaborations or agreements entered with customers, suppliers, or other partners. Recipo AB (Org no: 559077-7446) takes on all commitments and agreements entered by Recipo Ekonomisk förening (Org no: 769616-12-28).

In practice: as of 1st of September, invoices will be issued by Recipo AB (Org no: 559077-7446), new organization number and new payment details. No changes regarding address, contact information or email. The same terms and conditions will apply.
From 1st of September 2022 supplier invoices should be sent to Recipo AB (559077-7446).

If you have any questions, please contact:
Ivo Edlund
CEO, Recipo AB
+46 (0) 10 63 02