About us

Recipo has upgraded! From a Nordic Producer Responsibility organization, to becoming, the electronic industry’s circularity partner. With our own plastic recycling plant Recipo Material, Recipo handles your end-of-life electronic products, we recycle the plastics and turn them into pellets. Selling the material back to electronic manufacturers to produce circular products. From our offices in Sweden, Denmark and Norway we offer cost-effective solutions to producer responsibility that make it easy for you to take responsibility for your electronics and battery waste.

Recipo was founded in 2007 on the initiative of our owners, who wanted to create a competitive alternative with the aim of streamlining the process for producer responsibility for electronics and batteries. These days we are driven by a desire and passion to fulfil the responsibility we have taken upon ourselves.

Our mission is to continue to increase the percentage of recycled electronics and to do so as efficiently and effectively as possible in terms of both the environment and costs. The work we undertake brings us closer to our vision of a sustainable society where electronic products never become waste but are instead recycled to become new products.

Our owners have given us a mandate to work innovatively on the development of new efficient, effective and environmentally sound solutions for collecting and recycling electronics and batteries. Read more in The innovative challenger

Over the years, and through close collaboration with our customers and suppliers, we have developed processes and made investments aimed at increasing the level of material recycling from the electronic waste we manage. With our broad expertise at offices in Sweden, Norway and Denmark, we are proud to be able to call ourselves the leading alternative on the Nordic market. Our innovative solutions mean that we can continue to expand our focus on environmental efficiency while also maintaining advantageous prices for our customers.

Our mandate

A circular economy is a superior solution for both the electronics industry and the climate, as it reduces the cost of materials and limits extraction of new raw materials. This is the basis of the mandate given to us by our owners and customers, which is to strive to reduce the climate impact of electronic products and batteries by working to achieve a transition to a circular economy.

We are getting ever closer to the realisation of our vision, and the percentage of recycled electronic waste is constantly increasing.

Our strategy is to bring together producers, government agencies, collection schemes and academics so that together they – we – can develop new solutions and contribute to increased reuse, increased collection and more efficient and effective recycling processes.

Recipo Material

Recipo is the only collection system for electronics in the world that operates its own plastic recycling plant: Recipo Material. With Recipo Material, Recipo has full control over how the collected plastic material in electronic waste is dealt with and becomes new plastic that is used in new electronic products.

Recycling of electronic products without access to a plastic recycling plant often leads to the large amount of plastic present in electronics being managed in a manner that is not favourable for the environment. Recipo Material increases our ability to challenge prevailing norms and develop our processes in a manner that eases the burden on the climate and reduces the costs for our customers.

For more information, please visit recipo.com/material

Recipo material

The innovative challenger

We have good reason to call ourselves an innovative challenger. By offering a competitive and innovative alternative since we began, we have now grown into a leading operator on the Nordic market in producer responsibility for electronics and batteries.

This has been possible thanks to our development of innovative solutions such as plastic recycling for electronics products, secure collection containers for sensitive memory media, and software that tracks materials.

Secure Collect

Secure Collect is a secure collection container for electronics containing sensitive information and/or private data, such as mobile phones, notebook computers and tablets. Recycling of these types of products entails a risk and is a source of concern for consumers.

Secure Collect is sufficiently small to be placed in a store or warehouse. This makes it readily accessible for consumers who need to recycle their old electronic products and can now do so without concerns about the risk of the information contained in the products falling into the wrong hands. The container is locked and can only be opened by the recycling station to which it is delivered. All data is then destroyed, and the material is recycled. More information about Secure Collect is available here


Green Track

Green Track is a smart booking system for the picking up and transportation of electronic waste and batteries. We have developed Green Track to enable tracking of the picking up and delivery of electronic waste, from collection points to pre-treatment centres and finally to recycling stations. By tracking and keeping tabs on the transportation of the electronic waste managed by Recipo on behalf of our customers, we are better able to guarantee that the waste is managed correctly and safely, both for human beings and for the environment.