Recipo would like to highlight the updated producer responsibility regulation for electronics in Sweden, SFS 2022:1276, that will come into force January 1st 2023.

Below follows a summary of the changes that will affect producers of electronics acting on the Swedish market.

According to the new regulations, producers of electronics should:

  • Inform users regarding how personal information stored in electronic equipment can be deleted and how to perform a factory reset of the product.
  • Introduce routines for internal control to ensure the quality of the sales figures reported to the producer organization scheme, meaning the sales report you submit on our reporting portal.
  • When adequate, use economic or other incentives to encourage owners of electronic waste to sort out the electronic waste and handle it separately from other waste. The incentives could include lowering subscription fees or donating to charities, but also competitions and challenges.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Anna Viktorsson
Business Coordinator
+46 (0)10 410 63 03