Circular Materials Conference, 2020

Recipo is proud to be a part of the steering committee for the 5th Circular Materials Conference, together with some of the most esteemed organisations working with the circularity of materials.

The conference will delve into, discuss, workshop and innovate on scientific breakthroughs, researched results and solutions offered by new technology to bring materials into the circular materials model.

The particular focus of this year will be on new partnerships and technologies that can speed up the transition while bringing about a more caring and truly sustainable economy for all.

The conference 2020 will highlight:

– Circular Materials Business Applications
– AI, IoT, digitalization, automation as an innovation driver of circular material
Research and Innovation for circular materials focusing on:

1. Plastics
2. Textiles
3. Metals from Secondary Sources/ WEEE/ batteries
4. Fast moving consumer goods
5. Building and construction


For more information, please visit the website: