1. Register with Recipo
  2. Recipo register on your behalf with the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency
  3. Report your sales figures to us.

Producer responsibility for electronics and batteries means that all companies that produce and sell electronics or batteries must make a contribution to help cover the costs of collecting and recycling the products. Producer responsibility is based on an EU directive from 2005 and aims to promote increased sustainability.

Your company is subject to producer responsibility for electronics and batteries if you place electronic products and batteries on the market in Sweden. This may include producers, importers, distributors and resellers.

Household: Pursuant to the regulations on producer responsibility, companies that sell electronics intended for use by consumers (household EEE) must be affiliated to Recipo or another nationally approved collection scheme. Household EEE includes all products intended for use in households, even if the sale of such products is transacted between companies.

Professional: Companies that sell electronics intended for use within companies and industry (professional EEE) must report their sales statistics to the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency. This can be done by becoming affiliated to Recipo. These companies also need to achieve the recycling targets specified in the Swedish Ordinance on Producer Responsibility for Electrical and Electronic Equipment.

  • Reporting and fees are administered monthly or quarterly through Recipo’s customer portal. We report on your behalf to The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency
  • Recipo ensures that the electronic waste is recycled and disposed of in an environmentally sound manner. We report recycling rates to The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency
  • Store collection – Recipo helps stores to manage the electronic waste they have received through collection.
  • Recipo provides communication material that companies can use to inform consumers about recycling of electronic waste.
  • Recipo helps companies that sell both household EEE and professional EEE.
  • Recipo is an authorised representative for foreign companies, and we have our own offices in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.