At Recipo, we think it is important to work towards a circular economy and circular material flows. It is important to constantly moving the development forward, and we want to be a part of the new solutions. Therefore are we a sponsoring partner for the Circular Materials Conference, which takes place in Gothenburg on 7-8 March 2018.

This is Circular Materials Conference:

“Come and share experiences at the two-day event that will offer a forum for debate, exchange, face-to-face meetings and networking. We will look at the challenge of transformation in a material world, consumer trends and the circular economy and also meet the disruptors. We will make deep dives into new business models for a circular economy, research and innovation.

Meet R&D management representatives, Producers, Recyclers, Collectors and reclaimers, Retailers, Officials of national and supra-national institutions, Non-governmental organisations (NGO:s), Research institutions, Academia, Resource Recovery/Waste management, Clean-tech investors, Media in one location.”