Recipo Däckåtervinning provides a national collection system and cooperates with, among others, VAFAB Miljö AB.

Tyre carcasses in good condition can be retreaded to make them like new following a careful control procedure. Tyres for heavy goods vehicles in Finland are retreaded twice on average. Retreading is normally carried out on customers’ tyre carcasses, and is thus not seen in the recovery statistics before disposal.

Most tyres are recovered whole, cut up or crushed for road and earthworks. Rubber granules are used for sub-layers that require flexibility, such as artificial turf and outdoor constructions for sports areas and playgrounds. Shredded rubber material is used as a binder for asphalt to reduce tyre noise and increase wearability.

As there are fewer landfill sites, new recovery solutions for end-of-use tyres are constantly being developed.

There are just over a hundred scientific or technical investigations concerning methods for processing and using end-of-use tyres and the environmental impact of various recovery methods.