A Swedish representative is compulsory for all producers outside Sweden that place electrical and electronic products on the Swedish market through long-distance sales.
‘Long-distance sales’ means, for example, Internet sales or mail order (B2C). An authorised representative can be appointed voluntarily by a producer that exports electrical and electronic products to an importer in Sweden (B2B) and that wants to fulfil the producer responsibility itself (producer responsibility otherwise falls on the importer).
Recipo offers the Authorised Representative service.
The authorised representative is the national representative for a producer outside Sweden’s borders. The representative consequently acts in the name of the producer (exporter) in all respects within the framework of the Producer Responsibility Ordinance (Swedish Code of Statutes – SFS 2014:1075) and is responsible for:
  • Complying with all national obligations within the producer responsibility
  • Attending to communication with the national register (the EEB Register in Sweden’s case)
  • Providing all relevant information upon request to the national register
  • Informing the producer (exporter) about all relevant information and obligations
  • Ensuring payment for all of the producer’s charges linked to the producer responsibility
  • Accepting prosecution and legal disputes in the name of the producer (exporter)
When an authorised representative is appointed, a power of attorney must be drawn up and signed. This should clearly state that the producer (exporter) and the representative have agreed to transfer the producer responsibility to the producer’s representative. The power of attorney must be submitted to the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency. A comprehensive guide to authorised representatives is available from the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency.