In practice, producer responsibility means that the producers are responsible for collecting and disposing of end-of-life products.
Everyone placing electrical and electronic products on the market must therefore be affiliated to a collection system that fulfils the rules and regulations. Producers include those placing electrical and electronic equipment on the Swedish market for the first time:
  • Those manufacturing and selling electrical and electronic equipment under their own name
  • Those selling unbranded electrical and electronic equipment under their own trademark
  • Those importing and then selling electrical and electronic equipment
In addition to the individual producer responsibility for the products currently placed on the market, there is also a collective responsibility for the products placed on the market prior to 13 August 2005 (also referred to as ‘historical waste’). All products placed on the market after 2005 must be marked with crossed-out wheeled bin with a black line underneath (picture to right) to keep track of new and historical waste. The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency calculates the proportion of historical waste for which current producers should assume responsibility based on the producers’ current market share.
To summarise, producer responsibility means that each producer must:
  1. Be a member of a collection system and registered with the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency’s EEB register
  2. Mark all products using
– the symbol in Annex IX of the WEEE Directive (crossed-out wheeled bin combined with a thick line, see picture to right) – information indicating that the products were released into the Common Market after 13 August 2005 (see picture to right) (The symbol may instead be put on the product’s packaging or in written directions for use or guarantee information accompanying the product if necessary considering the size or function of the product.)
  1. Ensure that a collection system has undertaken to dispose of the equipment when it ends up as waste as well as a proportion of the historical waste arising in Sweden (corresponding market share)
  2. Ensure that electrical and electronic equipment made available on the Swedish market is manufactured and designed in such a way as to promote reuse and recycling
  3. A producer manufacturing electrical and electronic equipment containing batteries that are encompassed by (2008:834) must ensure that the electrical and electronic equipment is designed so that the batteries are easily removable during recovery
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