According to the WEEE Directive (Article 5, item 2 b-c), shops distributing electrical and electronic products are obliged to provide a service that makes it possible to return electrical and electronic waste. The aim of this provision is to make it easier for consumers to get rid of their electrical and electronic waste and increase collection.

Recipo offers SecureCollect to make it easier for distributors of electrical and electronic products to collect electrical and electronic products in accordance with the WEEE Directive and ensure that these products are collected safely.

SecureCollect is a collection box for electrical and electronic waste containing sensitive data, adapted for collection in shops. All data in the collected electrical and electronic waste is destroyed and the electrical and electronic products are recovered safely.

The collected material is handled by Sims Recycling Solutions. When the material arrives, a check is performed where each product receives a tag. The tag becomes the product´s ID. After that starts the work of deleting the content of all products with memory media such as computers, servers, phones etc. With help of the deleting tool Blancco, a hardware specification report can be generated. The report is used to determine whether the product shall be reused or recycled. If the memory media not could be deleted to 100%, the product will be destroyed by a shredder and the material are recycled.

SecureCollect is designed to be clear for consumers and an attractive fixture, comprising a robust steel construction with a narrow slot to prevent the contents from being stolen. It is possible to adapt the information text about SecureCollect to an optional language.