It will hopefully be some time before the products currently being placed on the market end up as waste, but on the day they do, money will have been set aside to pay for collection and recovery.

According to the Ordinance on Producer Responsibility for Electrical and Electronic Equipment (2014:1075), money should be set aside for the disposal of all products placed on the market, regardless of when they are collected for recovery.

The producer’s responsibility is to ensure that a collection system has undertaken to finance this.

The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency has produced general advice describing the criteria that the ‘financial guarantee’ must fulfil for approval. For example, the scope of the financing is calculated considering the product’s expected life and the fact that the collection and recovery cost may change.

Recipo has produced adapted recycling insurance as a cost-efficient way of securing financing to discharge producer responsibility. The insurance procedure is attended to by our subsidiary European Insurance Solution PCC Ltd (EIS PCC Ltd).