Recipo is an approved collection system with a permit from the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency to collect electrical and electronic waste.

Our collection system has over 140 collection sites from north to south. We collect electrical and electronic waste from our producers’ shops to make things easier for consumers.

Electrical and electronic waste contains a lot of hazardous substances, and it is consequently important for this waste to be collected and disposed of properly.

When electrical and electronic products are collected for recovery, this creates opportunities for retrieving secondary materials that could replace virgin materials when new products are being manufactured.

Producing new electronic products is demanding in terms of materials and energy. Oil is normally used to produce plastic parts and metals extracted by mining are used when manufacturing, for example, circuit boards. These processes result in greenhouse gas emissions and other pollution that is damaging for the environment and health, both locally and globally. For example, 240 kilos of fossil fuels, 22 kilos of chemicals and 1,500 kilos of water are used to produce one new computer. A high collection rate for electrical and electronic waste makes it possible to increase recycling and reduce the environmental load from manufacturing new products.