Collection from shops is part of the Ordinance on Producer Responsibility for Electrical and Electronic Equipment (Swedish Code of Statutes – SFS 2014:1075) and a way of increasing the collection of end-of-life electrical and electronic products.

The rules started to apply on 1 October 2015 and encompass shopkeepers with electrical and electronic equipment in their lines.

The rules mean that shopkeepers are obliged to provide collection for end-of-use products in shops and hand the collected electrical and electronic equipment over to an approved collection system.

Shops selling consumer electrical and electronic equipment in an area of more than 400 m2 should accept a reasonable quantity of end-of-use products from users. It is enough for smaller shops to receive 1-for-1, that is, of an equivalent quantity as products placed on the market.

Recipo can help shopkeepers to fulfil their shop responsibility by collecting the products they have received and treating the material in an environmental friendly way.

Recipo can help you by providing a solution for your shop responsibility.

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