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As a producer of electrical and electronic products, you will be affected by a number of chemical rules for the goods you sell. These rules are set out in a large number of different rules and regulations, and one and the same product may be covered by several regulatory frameworks.

Chemical tax

A new tax will be charged on chemicals in certain electrical and electronic products from 1 July 2017. These rules apply in Sweden and aim to reduce the occurrence, spread and exposure of hazardous flame retardants. Companies that commercially produce, bring in, receive or import taxable electrical and electronic goods are liable to pay tax to cover this. See the website of the Swedish Tax Agency for more information about the chemical tax.

RoHS Directive

The most comprehensive rules and regulations concerning chemicals in electrical and electronic products are decided at an EU level through 2011/65/EU (‘the RoHS Directive’). The purpose of this Directive is to reduce the risks to human health and the environment by replacing and limiting hazardous chemical substances in electrical and electronic equipment. The content of some metals and flame retardants is regulated in the Directive. Four phthalates will also be restricted from 22 July 2019. The Directive also includes rules for marking and a requirement for certain documentation for those manufacturing and importing electrical and electronic products. Read more about the RoHS Directive on the website of the Swedish Chemicals Agency.

REACH Regulation

The REACH Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006 is an EU regulation that primarily regulates substances and mixtures. Some of the rules also apply to goods such as electrical and electronic products as these comprise chemical substances. For example, there are rules in REACH concerning restrictions of certain substances, a requirement for information in the distributor chain, rules relating to permits and licences and also the duty to register and report. Read more about REACH on the website of the Swedish Chemicals Agency.

POPs Regulation

The EU Regulation on persistent organic pollutants (the POPs Regulation (EC) No. 850/2004) prohibits or restricts the production and use of substances with particularly serious health and ecologically harmful properties. The POPs Regulation restricts substances both in chemical products and in goods. Read more about the POPs Regulation on the website of the Swedish Chemicals Agency.

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