The statutory text relating to producer responsibility for batteries can be found here.
  • Ordinance (2008:834) concerning producer responsibility for batteries

The Swedish implementation of the Battery Directive (2006/66/EC). Sets out how producer responsibility for batteries and accumulators is to be dealt with in Sweden.

Ordinance (2008:834) (Only Swedish version)

  • The Battery Directive (2006/66 EC) sets out how batteries and accumulators are to be dealt with within the EU.

Directive (2006:66:EC)

The Battery Directive (2006/66/EC) was followed up by Directive (2013/56/EU), which introduced changes to the previous Directive. For example, the latest Directive has tightened up the requirement for batteries to be easily removable from electrical and electronic equipment.

Directive (2013:56:EU)

  • Swedish Waste regulation (2011:927)

The overall Ordinance regulating the management of waste in Sweden.

Förordning (2011:927) (Only Swedish version)

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